Leasowes Walled Garden

Leasowes Walled Garden Appeal
In the latter quarter of the 18th Century, the walled garden, which still exists today, became the life blood of the Leasowes, at Hales Owen. It literally sustained the family, servants and estate workers with food, as well as being the base from which the grounds were maintained and flowers were grown to adorn the rooms of the house.

Hidden from the house by a belt of trees, which, with the high walls, also protected the garden from wind and frost, it is easy to forget how important the garden was. It was located far enough from the house to avoid unpleasant smells, in and around the house, and whilst gardeners were crucial to the Estate, it kept them largely out of sight of the family and their visitors.

It was normal for the master of the house to visit the garden, with his Head Gardener, once a week, when he could see what was happening and be updated in respect of meeting the requirements of the house. The master expected the walled garden to be well maintained and tidy, which invariably it was. The cost of upkeep was high in spite of admittedly cheap labour. It required large quantities of coal for the heated greenhouses and a regular supply of materials, seeds and bought in plants, but the return for the investment was worthwhile.


Within such gardens there frequently was a ‘Bothy’ in which a gardener could sleep to oversee the garden and protect it from theft and the elements. In times of frost, the boiler would have to be stoked during the night to maintain temperatures in the greenhouses.

The high walls and the orientation of them in relation to the sun, shade and prevailing wind, was a major factor in deciding how they could be most productively used.

The Leasowes Walled Garden has been in existence for 240 years and yet most Halesowen people are unaware of it and its potential as a visitor centre. With the support and help of the public, we intend to secure its future, restore the garden and open it for all to experience. We have now purchased the garden with community support, but a further £100,000 will then be needed for preliminary restoration to kick start the project. Every pound that we receive will be pumped into the gardens. The project is being run by unpaid volunteers who need your help and support. Please donate and be part of this important site, which will be dedicated to public benefit in perpetuity.

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Finally, here is a touching video of the walled garden in use by students with learning disabilities. Sadly this use was abandoned on this site in 2010: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaeBFjhPtus

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